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Welcome everyone to - our UK based website to help race fans out there get the very best in live streaming of races! Of course, we are all aware that you can bet online, since our TV's are covered with constant advertisements between programs from UK bookmakers, however, over the last year, we've found that some of these websites are now providing live "real time" streaming of races! For us and many others, bringing the feel of the bookies and the live action into your home was a fantastic idea, and this site's goal is to list all the available sources where you can watch and bet live online!

If you have any sites to add, or want to get in touch with any questions or suggestions, please do so via our contact form, Stu and the team will be on hand to reply asap!

For now, it's straight into the action! Read on below to find today's top live streaming links for race fans in the UK, Ireland and further afield. For the latest live "In play" schedule, take a look to the right of this page and a full upcoming racecard for January 2017 is listed at the bottom of the site.

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If you're looking on how to watch races live online, here we go folks! The basic method for watching on each site is simple: 1) Register for free 2) Bet on a race 3) Watch the race live!

The live streaming is usually situated on the racecard/betting page in a video player, or on the site's own "live streaming" section. Enjoy!

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Check the upcoming racing fixtures below or visit our contact page if you have any questions! To keep informed of the latest UK race streams, visit our twitter page!

Live Racing Schedule - January 2017

January 2017
22 Fontwell Park | Hereford | Leopardstown
23 Bangor-on-Dee | Newcastle | Wolverhampton (AW)
24 Leicester | Southwell (AW) | Wetherby
25 Catterick | Lingfield Park (AW) | Ludlow | Newcastle (AW) (EV) | Fairyhouse
26 Fakenham | Southwell (AW) | Warwick | Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) | Gowran Park
27 Doncaster | Huntingdon | Lingfield Park (AW) | Newcastle (AW) (EV) | Dundalk (AW) (EV)
28 Cheltenham | Doncaster | Lingfield Park (AW) | Uttoxeter | Naas | Kempton (AW) (EV)
29 Fontwell Park | Sedgefield | Leopardstown
30 Ayr | Plumpton | Southwell (AW)
31 Lingfield Park | Southwell | Wolverhampton (AW)

February 2017
1 Hereford Leicester Newcastle (AW) (EV) Kempton (AW)
2 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Southwell (AW) Towcester Wincanton Clonmel
3 Catterick Chepstow Lingfield Park (AW) Dundalk (AW) (EV) Kempton (AW) (EV)
4 Lingfield Park (AW) Musselburgh Newcastle (AW) (EV) Sandown Park Wetherby Fairyhouse
5 Musselburgh Taunton Punchestown
6 Lingfield Park Sedgefield Wolverhampton (AW)
7 Hereford Market Rasen Newcastle (AW)
8 Carlisle Chelmsford City (AW) Ludlow Kempton (AW) (EV)
9 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Doncaster Huntingdon Lingfield Park (AW) Thurles
10 Bangor-on-Dee Newcastle (AW) (EV) Southwell (AW) Dundalk (AW) (EV) Kempton
11 Lingfield Park (AW) Newbury Uttoxeter Warwick Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Naas
12 Exeter Sedgefield Leopardstown
13 Catterick Plumpton Wolverhampton (AW)
14 Ayr Fontwell Park Newcastle (AW)
15 Newcastle Towcester Wolverhampton (AW) Kempton (AW) (EV)
16 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Kelso Leicester Lingfield Park (AW) Clonmel
17 Fakenham Newcastle (AW) Sandown Park Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Dundalk (AW) (EV)
18 Ascot Haydock Park Lingfield Park (AW) Wincanton Gowran Park Kempton (AW) (EV)
19 Ffos Las Market Rasen Navan
20 Carlisle Lingfield Park Wolverhampton (AW)
21 Southwell (AW) Taunton Wetherby
22 Doncaster Lingfield Park (AW) Ludlow Punchestown Kempton (AW) (EV)
23 Chelmsford City (AW) Huntingdon Sedgefield Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Thurles
24 Exeter Lingfield Park (AW) Warwick Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Dundalk (AW) (EV)
25 Chepstow Lingfield Park (AW) Newcastle Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Fairyhouse Kempton
26 Fontwell Park Southwell Naas
27 Ayr Plumpton Wolverhampton (AW)
28 Catterick Leicester Lingfield Park (AW)

March 2017
1 Ffos Las Musselburgh Newcastle (AW) (EV) Wincanton
2 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Ludlow Newcastle (AW) Taunton Clonmel
3 Doncaster Lingfield Park (AW) Newbury Newcastle (AW) (EV) Dundalk (AW) (EV)
4 Doncaster Kelso Lingfield Park (AW) Newbury Newcastle (AW) (EV) Navan
5 Huntingdon Sedgefield Leopardstown
6 Lingfield Park Southwell Wolverhampton (AW)
7 Exeter Newcastle Southwell (AW)
8 Catterick Fontwell Park Lingfield Park (AW) Kempton (AW) (EV)
9 Carlisle Newcastle (AW) (EV) Southwell (AW) Wincanton Thurles
10 Ayr Leicester Newcastle (AW) (EV) Sandown Park Dundalk (AW) (EV)
11 Ayr Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Hereford Sandown Park Wolverhampton (AW) Gowran Park
12 Market Rasen Warwick Naas
13 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Chepstow Plumpton
14 Cheltenham Sedgefield Southwell (AW) Wolverhampton (AW) (EV)
15 Cheltenham Huntingdon Newcastle (AW) (EV) Southwell (AW)
16 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Cheltenham Hexham Towcester Dundalk (AW) (EV)
17 Cheltenham Fakenham Lingfield Park (AW) Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Wexford
18 Fontwell Park Newcastle Uttoxeter Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Limerick Kempton
19 Carlisle Ffos Las Limerick Navan
20 Southwell Taunton Kempton (AW)
21 Exeter Southwell (AW) Wetherby Clonmel
22 Haydock Park Newcastle (AW) Warwick Kempton (AW) (EV)
23 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Chepstow Ludlow Wolverhampton (AW) Cork
24 Lingfield Park (AW) Musselburgh Newbury Newcastle (AW) (EV) Dundalk (AW) (EV)
25 Bangor-on-Dee Kelso Lingfield Park (AW) Newbury Wolverhampton (AW) (EV) Thurles
26 Hereford Wincanton Downpatrick Naas
27 Market Rasen Plumpton Wolverhampton (AW)
28 Hexham Southwell Wolverhampton (AW)
29 Lingfield Park (AW) Sedgefield Southwell (AW) Kempton (AW) (EV)
30 Chelmsford City (AW) (EV) Taunton Warwick Wolverhampton (AW) Limerick
31 Fontwell Park Lingfield Park (AW) Newcastle (AW) (EV) Wetherby Dundalk (AW) (EV)

Racing Info

Today's Live Streams

Races: January 22, 2017
Monday 23 January - 10.20 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 1)
Monday 23 January - 10.45 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 2)
Monday 23 January - 11.10 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 3)
Monday 23 January - 11.35 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 4)
Monday 23 January - 12.00 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 5)
Monday 23 January - 12.25 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 6)
Monday 23 January - 12.50 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 7)
Monday 23 January - 1.20 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 8)
Monday 23 January - 1.40 - Newcastle (Race 1)
Monday 23 January - 1.50 - Bangor (Race 1)
Monday 23 January - 1.50 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 9)
Monday 23 January - 2.00 - Wolverhampton (Race 1)
Monday 23 January - 2.10 - Newcastle (Race 2)
Monday 23 January - 2.20 - Bangor (Race 2)
Monday 23 January - 2.20 - Flamingo Park (SA) (Race 10)
Monday 23 January - 2.30 - Wolverhampton (Race 2)
Monday 23 January - 2.40 - Newcastle (Race 3)
Monday 23 January - 2.50 - Bangor (Race 3)
Monday 23 January - 3.00 - Wolverhampton (Race 3)
Monday 23 January - 3.10 - Newcastle (Race 4)
Monday 23 January - 3.20 - Bangor (Race 4)
Monday 23 January - 3.30 - Wolverhampton (Race 4)
Monday 23 January - 3.40 - Newcastle (Race 5)
Monday 23 January - 3.50 - Bangor (Race 5)
Monday 23 January - 4.00 - Wolverhampton (Race 5)
Monday 23 January - 4.10 - Newcastle (Race 6)
Monday 23 January - 4.20 - Bangor (Race 6)
Monday 23 January - 4.30 - Wolverhampton (Race 6)
Monday 23 January - 5.00 - Wolverhampton (Race 7)
Monday 23 January - 5.30 - Wolverhampton (Race 8)

Looking forward, our next big race is coming soon and can be watched via the Cheltenham, Doncaster and Wetherby live stream!

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